Global Governance and Internet Governance consultancy solutions

Governance Primer is a transnational consultancy started in 2017 with the objective of providing evidence-based research and innovative solutions to the Global Governance and Internet Governance spaces. Directed by Mark W. Datysgeld, it acts as a hub that connects talents with projects, relying on a network of experts to fulfill varied tasks, ranging from reports to multimedia creation.

Research development

We aim to excel in research projects that demand a multidisciplinary approach to digital technology, particularly those that require a combination of coding and humanities knowledge.

Education and courses

With a focus on Internet Governance and emerging technologies, our educational initiatives rely on a "show, don't tell" approach that encourages learning by means of experimentation instead of relying on jargon and acronyms.

International representation

In our participation in spaces such as ICANN, the IGF, RightsCon, and several others, we support companies that want their voices to be heard internationally or wish to stay up to date on developments by means of exclusive, individually tailored situation reports.

Multimedia creation

We create multimedia and transmedia solutions that enrichen technology-related projects. Over the years, we have undertaken jobs in video production, game development, and printed media.


Brazilian Association of Software Companies

amGlobal Consulting

AR-TARC Autoridade de Registro

DNS Women

ICANN Business Constituency


dotSport LLC

Universal Acceptance Steering Group


Reach out

We are available not only to potential contractors, but also to those interested in learning more about the material produced by Governance Primer and the initiatives we support, such as ICANN's Universal Acceptance program. Please feel free to send any inquiries using this form.